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Pipe Fabrication Automation Equipment

Welding Positioners
Welding positioner 500 lb.
Welding Positioner 3000 Pb.
WeldingPositioner 6000 lbs.
Welding Positioner 2000 lb.
Welding Positioner 1500 lb.
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CWI has been manufacturing Welding Positioners for over 30 years and have been in use at many of the words largest pipe fabrication facilities. We have positioners available for sale, rent and lease. These machines allow welders to safely and efficiently position each weldment from the best angle for welding and grinding. We sell and manufacture positioning equipment that covers a broad range of welding applications. 

Welding Manipulators
Jimmy Jammer
Welding Oscillator
Automatic Weldng
Turn Rolls
Pipe Rolls 5000 Lb.
Pipe Rolls 10 Ton

CWI designs and manufactures a rugged line of turning rolls which deliver precise rotation of cylindrical weldments for positioning in pipe and tank manufacturing. This results in improved production, safety, low maintenance and extended service life. Our extensive selection of turning roll styles and capacities are designed for specific applications including pipe spooling, vessel fabrication, and machine shop welding applications. 

CWI Welding Chucks
Welding Chuck
24" Welding Chuck
Weldng Chuck 36"

CWI Welding Chucks are designed to withstand the robust conditions of the welding industry.  CWI's 3 jaw self-centering welding chucks are specifically designed to secure heavy cylindrical weldments—they are proven every day in some of the largest pipe spool fabricating facilities around the world.

CWI Welding Manipulators:

Our manipulators are specifically designed and manufactured to deliver precision and rigidity when mechanically positioning the welding arc.

Welding Applications:

CWI has years of experience integrating semi-automatic systems with different welding processes in a variety of industry applications including:

  • Pipe Fabrication

  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication

  • Machine Shop Parts Fabrication

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