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A good product is worthless without the service to back it up. We pride ourselves on efficient delivery, professional installations, proper training, and dedicated ongoing support. Whether its helium for a birthday party or expert advice, the Capitol Welders staff is standing by to provide top-notch customer assistance. Our staff are knowledgeable, experienced representatives ready to help you solve any problem you have, whenever you need it. You can call us right now to speak with an expert: 1-800-826-9268.

About Capitol Welders Supply 

Our Vision


The vision of Capitol Welders Supply Co. is to become the leader in industrial, medical, and specialty gases and welding supplies in the markets we serve in Central Louisiana. We provide our clients with the best service, highest quality materials, and the best prices possible.  This allows us to continue to build our customers' confidence and security and maintain a major presence in the market. We continue to strive to meet the demands of our clients and the growing industry.

CWI Unique Capabilities:
  • Same Day/Next Day Delivery

  • We’ll get it to you when you need it.

  • Preventative Maintenance Program: Rest assured that your products are well maintained and working to their fullest capability. Our certified technicians will perform every necessary inspection, from visual to electrical, from frayed cables to calibrations; we’ve got you covered.

  • Gas-Fax Program: Our Gas-Fax Program is a series of plant inspections and seminars designed to assist in making your operation safe, cost effective, and efficient.

  • Gas Mode Analysis & Evaluation: Our trained staff performs a thorough analysis of your gas consumption to determine the proper cylinder size and delivery frequency to ensure the most cost effective process for your job application.

  • Piping Installations: From new tank installations to custom modifications, we can service all your piping needs with our expert technicians.

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